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Manager: Kathy Wright – eo [at] tareecc.nsw.edu.au
Facilitator: Simone McManus – literacy [at] tareecc.nsw.edu.au

Sponsoring RTO: Taree Community College

Target client groups: youth; disengaged; community

Project summary:
Spin your Own Web connects a collaborative team of VTE trainers, adult literacy, numeracy and English language teachers, and Coordinators from five Community Colleges across the Mid North Coast and Northern Inland ACE Clusters of NSW.

The project will identify free and commercial software and upskill participants to establish ‘teacher and student areas’ within existing Community College websites. Initially this web space will support the connection of Language, Literacy and Numeracy teachers and students in rural and remote areas. As a result of the project, Colleges will have a resource sharing mechanism and a platform for VTE and business communication using DiscoverE.

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Postcard from the Field due date: week starting 11 September

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Team Discussion http://nswlearnscope.wikispaces.com/message/list/070


Background to the project:
In previous years a group teachers in the Clusters has developed skills in the use of Powerpoint, Hot Potatoes, Digital Storytelling using MovieMaker 2, wikis and blogs and applied this learning in the classroom. As a result there is now a growing bank of teacher-created resources and student-created class work using this methodology. Project participants have identified the value of sharing these resources and the value of peer learning if students could showcase their work and connect with others across the Cluster.
The opportunity to take digital stories and the learning that comes with and from the application of this technology to learning beyond a single College environment is very powerful. What is missing is the in house development of a strategy to enable it to be experimented with and developed to meet an emerging VTE and business demand for supported technology based learning.

Proposed project outcomes:
The outcomes of the project will include:
· a skilled team able to access and use a range of web page design principles to create a designated web space to share resources and students work
· a team of teachers and students able to successfully upload a range of files including Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, MovieMaker and Hot potatoes.
· a supportive collegial network with access to professional support
· an easy to use mechanism for students in geographic isolation to connect with other students participating in the same or similar learning activities using DiscoverE, blogs and wikis.
· an increased acceptance of teaching and learning strategies that are not paper based.

Benefits to client group:

Project based learning is a powerful methodology for engaging learners who may be disengaged from learning or have particular barriers to learning. The application of digital story telling to a range of learning activities has been an engaging and successful strategy in the Colleges that participated in a previous LearnScope project. While this learning strategy was originally adapted into Language, literacy and numeracy classrooms, the skills have been applied more widely in some Colleges in a number of different areas with a range of learners and learning styles. The results to date have been amazing with youth, elderly disabled and Koori participants learning technology and literacy skills as a means of creating a digital story. Understandably the success of the previous project has manifested in the pride and sense of achievement obvious in the end product. The next step is to share the enthusiasm for success and pride in achievement with others in Colleges far removed from the experience of participants. The project will lead existing clients into new areas of IT skill development and resource sharing that enhances their feeling of self worth and achievement. For new students their will be role models to draw on, work samples to aspire to, and others in similar circumstances to connect with and support.

Evaluation strategies:
Each participating College has a group of students to work with throughout this project. By and large the impetus for the project has come from students’ willingness to engage in new learning technologies. As access to the students work will be an important part of the project, their involvement will be critical in developing guidelines and strategies to keep the websites current and appealing. There will be a number of implementation issues that will require student participation and input. The trailing of the DiscoverE technology with students across Colleges will be an opportunity to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of this tool for learning at a distance and across Colleges.

We are capturing our learning via:
The project has been developed through consultation with key group members. It outlines the overall direction of the learning to take place. However, individual learning plans will be developed at the first face to face meeting to allow for different skill base and existing knowledge and expertise of each participant as well as the capacity of individuals / colleges to access IT resources and equipment.
Learning will take place through face to face meetings, online meetings and personal reflections through an established Blog. Records will be kept of all these interactions – photograph, logs of online sessions on DiscoverE, recording expert trainer presentation. At the second face to face meeting each participant will showcase their learning which will be captured for collation into a team report and presentation for the LearnScope Showcase in October.
The facilitator will monitor, record and disseminate activity in DiscoverE sessions, face to face sessions and assist team members to develop the skills and resources needed to meet their individual learning objectives at the end of the project.

We hope to share our learning via :
§ Other LearnScope team members and individuals (past and present)
§ Expert IT Trainers and Mentors external to the Colleges and cluster - Blog
§ Individual LearnScope participants, their Managers and colleagues - DiscoverE
§ Individual team members and local community groups and networks – discussions and sharing of resource materials, ideas and concepts
§ IT trainers within the workplace
§ Cross Collaboration with Port Macquarie TAFE LearnScope Project
§ Connection to LearnScope networks – Edna communities

We’ll connect with others via:
Information sharing and skill development are key elements of the collaborative approach of this project. Information about the learning will be shared within Centres with faculty staff. This group collaboration will be critical to a wider understanding of the potential of the new strategies for learning development. Within each College there will be discussions about the project and how the outcomes of the project can be achieved according to College style and strategy guidelines. On a Cluster level, the learning and progress of learning will be disseminated and discussed at Manager’s meetings. As one of the outcomes is a wider application of the learning to the VTE activities of each College, presentations and regular updates to VTE staff and networks will be part of the strategy to disseminate new knowledge and skills.

Proposed project products/outputs:
· Digital stories recording participant learning
· Team blogs, wikis
· Project portfolio – including web pages with links, uploaded stories, student and teacher products

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