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[edit] Community Guidelines

NSW LearnScope is comprised of many differing teams and individuals locally and internationally distributed who all access information and contribute to Community_Guidelines.
This is a growing and dynamic resource, which endeavours to keep abreast of ways to act with positive accord to contributions to the NSW LearnScope environment. It also acts as a base point to refer others to from associated NSW LearnScope online locations. Feel free to adapt and add your links of good online practice to this article.

[edit] Web Office

A growing list containing online web 2.0 and open source tools used by NSW LearnScope educators, learners and peers in the field. Please contribute to this resource mindful of access, security and equity issues for those who access your recommendation.

[edit] Blogging Toolbox

Courtesy of Mashable we have 120 new tools for those begining to build a blogging_toolbox

[edit] Adobe Connect Guide

A beginners guide to Adobe Connect kindly started by Stephan Ridgway and Steven Parker. NSW LearnScope uses Adobe Connect to communicate with team Managers and Facilitators across the state and indeed across the nation.

[edit] Discover-E Virtual Guide

A beginners guide to the use of the Discover-E Virtual Room kindly composed by Vivian Evans for NSW LearnScope teams to communicate with other team Managers, Facilitators and members across across the state and indeed across the nation.
chat sessions in for learnscope groups

[edit] Wiki Formatting

This is a general guide to MediaWiki Formatting brought to the attention of NSW learnScope by Chris Harvey as part of the OWPFOSS event that NSW LearnScope hosted in early 2007.

[edit] Imbedding Media

Check these out -Imbedded Media which are examples of what you can do in a will need to look at the code more closely ( edit >> copy code) to use it in your respective pages.

[edit] Event Recordings

NSW LearnScope conducts synchronous meetings online using a range of platforms. Here is a growing list of recordings of EVENTS that have occured as part of NSW LearnScope which may be of interest;
Using WikiEducator : Alex Hayes & Wendy Zammit

[edit] NSW LearnScope Articles

The NSW learnScope MediWiki is run on the creation of "articles" which are essentially collections of information assembled either as discrete stand alone learning objects or as link-list to other pertinent information.
You can acccess Special:Allpages created by the NSW LearnScope community or see the feed list below to see what's recently been created.
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[edit] MediaWiki Communities

WikiEducator We have an interest in what WikiEducator is up to and we know likewise.
Leigh Blackall, a long time NSW LearnScope team facilitator and mentor is growing some great resources over at the Otago Polytechnic's entry as part of WikiEducator.

[edit] Wiki Builds

This is where we confer with our consultants about ongoing wiki_builds If you have some urgent issue that is affecting your status as an NSW LearnScope MediaWiki user please add your issues plus a timestamp to this list.

[edit] Professional Development

Learning Without Borders

[edit] M-Learning

Mobile learning is a hot ticket with educators who are keen to engage learners using new and emergent communication modality. The Mlearning_Kit is a developing resource which captures some of the findings of the NSW LearnScope Leadership Team in 2007.

[edit] Digital storytelling

Digitales A wiki developed by teachers who have a passion for Digital Storytelling (DST) and who use the methodology in adult education and VET (or VTE), for teachers who are new to the concept.

Computer based free phone connection with conference line facilities


How to use wikis

Port Macquarie students Wikis-CSWE
-wings26Check out our latest student magazine


photostory-a easy to use picture and sound computer based program

explains how you use photostory and online resources


**using photos creatively and sharing them**