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Regional Open Networked Learning Events
NSW LearnScope has traditionally offered a mid-project workshop in Sydney , Australia. In 2007 we are seeking to shift face-to-face LearnScope activities into regional areas, empower RTO's to take ownership of state-wide professional development AND engage project stakeholders in team activities and events.
Key Dates
Click on the dates below to visit the timetables, locations, guest speaker details, host details and much more:

Regional_Event _1 - Wagga Wagga - Focus: Personal Learning Environments - Date : 29th August 2007
Regional_Event_2 - Bathurst - Focus : TBA - Date : TBA
Regional_Event_3 - Tamworth - Focus : Synchronous Online learning Environments - Date : TBA
Regional_Event_4 - Coffs Harbour - Focus : Social Networking, E-Learning & Young People - Date : TBA
Regional_Event_5 - Bega - Focus : Virtual Learning Spaces & Places - Date : TBA

Host Planning
Host regional_events Planning page - Seamless and accessible planning.
Please refer to this page if you are a host RTO for a regional event.

SecondLife Orientation Workshops

Sean Fitzgerald and Jo Kay will be running two 'in world' orientation sessions for teachers who would like to explore SecondLife with a group.
Session 1 : 10-12am July 12
Session 2 : 7-9pm July 26
To participate you must a) register with SecondLIfe, and b) commit 30 mins on 'Orientation Island' before the event. Each session is strictly limited to 15 people on a first in first served basis. We will accept 2 people on 'standby'
For further information, and to register go to our Second Life Orientation page

Other Upcoming Workshops

CircleWork: VET Realities - July 17th, 2007

Past Workshops

TOL2: TAFE NSW Wiki Scope - Tuesday 24th April 2006
Accessibility; CC, CD & CLE - Sydney, 19th April 2007
Game World's As Learning Spaces - Sydney, 16th April 2007
OWPFOSS - Sydney, 7th March 2007
SecondLife and its use in education

Online workshops and conversations

We plan to hold an online event roughly once a fortnight. These will include general discussion sessions, inclusion in external activities, access to guest speakers and a few orientation sessions into Second Life.
Please visit our calendar to see what is on and when
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