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    Byron Youth Services and EYE C Media Arts, in partnership with other e-learning networks including NSW LearnScope and SAE LearnScope 2006 will be hosting a second e-learning network event involving a number of international organisations and guests. The focus of this event ( virtual and physical ) will be to bring groups of learners and educators together in an open and networked learning environment.
    A number of synchronous and asynchronous communication e-learning and m-learning platforms will showcase how these new and emergent technologies are being used within a teaching and learning context. Online platforms include Breeze, Second Life, MSN, My Space, Open Croquet , Moblog.Co.Uk , Elluminate and the Dekita project.
    This event will bring many differing e-learning and m-learning advocates together in both a physical and virtual synchronous environment with a focus on engaging young people in both formal and informal educational settings which suit their needs. The connected learning environments of today must somehow mesh with what we expect of our learners - theirs, ours, or should there be any distinction ?
    Physical Location : Byron Youth Services
    1 Gilmore Crescent, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 - see
    Virtual Locations : Please visit the events schedule below for details.
    Please register your details at the base of this page.
    To participate in the events click on the links in each event schedule.
    Date : Times
    Friday 27th October 2006 - 10am - to 4pm ( Australia ESB )
    Dinner - Thursday 26th October - Byron Beach Hotel, Byron Bay - meet 7.00pm in hotel.
    BYS06 Community Documentation / Media Production
    Tags : bys06 , bys , flnw , nswlearnscope06
    Flickr - media located at - mixed - media located at
    Podomatic - audio media located at
    TalkingVTE - audio media located at
    Blip.TV - short film media located at
    MySpace - Bill Wade's info. space located at
    MySpace - Bill Wade's demo pro. located at - social bookmarking research - all things mlearning
    Youth Speak Passionately About Their Mobiles - View Video Clip
    Youth Samples @ MySpace -
    BYS06 Networked Breeze Session Recordings -
    Events Schedule
    To join or participate in events click on the links in each events area. The Breeze link in each event section is the primary platform to enter the online events.
    Troubleshooting hints located here.
    Date : Times
    Friday 27th October 2006 - 10am - to 4pm ( Australia ESB , Byron Bay )
    1. Event Title: Mobiles Everywhere
    Time ( ESB Australia ) : 10:00 - 10:30 AM ( Click here for your time around the world )
    Online Platform: Breeze
    Associated Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr
    Convenor : Simon DuBois / Alex Hayes + all guests ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Description : Opening address / discussion - BYS06 guests of mobile usage, stats, testimonies, video clips displaying mobile prevelence in the community. There will be playback of voxpops and Blip.TV interviews with young people conducted as part of ongoing BYS activities. Discussion Points : Why are we bothering to focus on mobile communication technology ?
    2. Event Title: Mobile Intiatives / E-learning Presentations
    Time ( ESB Australia ) : 10:30 - 11:15 AM ( Click here for your time around the world )
    Online Platform : Breeze
    Associated Media: / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr
    Convenor : Alex Hayes / Robyn Jay / Paulis Cheung / Barbara Dieu ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Description : A panel presentation ( conversation circle ) to provide a sketch of past and current e-learning & mobile initiatives with youth, i.e., a showcase event.
    Discussion Points : What are we learning? How are we using the technology ? Whats going down where, when, with whom and how ? Barbara Dieu will speak about the Dekita Project during this session. Paulis Cheung will speak to the links to learning project.
    3. Event Title: Look Who's Playing Games Now
    Time ( ESB ) : 11:15 AM - 12:00 AM ( Click here for your time around the world )
    Online Platform : Breeze
    Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr
    Convenor : Julien Russel / Simon DuBois ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Description : A demonstration of mobile gaming and an opportunity for you to construct a game together with others. Bring your ideas ( virtually ) and your mobiles :-).
    Discussion Points : We are fleshing out a scenario to develop a mobile game with audience participation.
    E-Lunch - Food + Groovy Music( Regan Harding, Simon duBois, Alex Hayes )
    Time ( ESB Australia ) 12:00 AM - 1.30 PM
    Falling July, found and confirmed through Myspace, are thrilled to be performing and later sharing their views on their use of this online community.
    The Byron Hip Hop Crew, along with local icon and dance queen Sassy Salsa, will warm us up with some dance and MC action!
    Hunter & Davastah - Perth MC and Hip Hop crew
    4. Event Title: EYE C My What?
    Time ( ESB Australia ): 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    Online Platform: Breeze, Elluminate
    Associated Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr
    MySpace Blog / Elluminate V Conference w/ F2F at BYS ( discuss with Bill ) ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Convenor: Bill Wade / Simon DuBois and Belle Arnold
    Description: Thoughts on using MySpace and some outcomes from a discussion blog we initated last week. We intend to publish to our network members and invite you to discuss / contribute as part of this session. In a general sense we could say that EdNA and MySpace represent two different worldviews about how communication occurs in a knowledge era/web 2.0 world. Join us for an engaging discussion about this. If you haven't had a chance to get in your 2 cents worth, there's still time. Our EdNA vs MySpace blog will continue even following this event. Check it out!
    5. Event Title: MobileED.
    Time ( ESB Australia ): 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM ( Click here for your time around the world )
    Online Platform : Breeze
    Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Convenor: Teemu Leionen / Cesar Nunes / Leigh Blackall
    MobilED initiative is designing learning environments that are meaningfully enhanced with mobile technologies and services.
    We design scenarios and guidelines of how mobile technologies could be used for teaching, learning and empowerment of students within and outside the school context.
    We design concepts, prototypes and platforms that will facilitate and support the scenarios and guidelines developed.
    We test, evaluate and disseminate the scenarios, guidelines, concepts, prototypes and platforms in real contexts with real people
    Discussion Points : What is Mobile: ED ? How can we connect with this project ? Who is behind Mobile: Ed ? What links does this project have with young people in Australia ? What projects can we instigate involving this group ?
    6. Event Title: Podcasting In Education
    Time ( ESB ) : 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
    Online Platform : Breeze
    Associated Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Convenor: Alex Hayes & Stephan Ridgway
    Description: This workshop introduces participants to podcasting & vblogging and looks at the tools and techniques used in their production and delivery. It also explores their use in an educational context.
    Discussion Points :
    Know what podcasts & Vblogs are
    To subscribe to them using an aggregator
    Find podcasts of interest on the internet
    Understand how podcasts & Vblogs are produced
    Ideas for using podcasts and audio material in education
    7. Event Title: Second Life
    Asynchronous Resources available or visit us 'in-world' for a chat between 2:00PM and 4:00PM ( ESB Australia )
    Online Platform: Second Life + Info and Resources available here.
    Second Life URL: Click here to visit us in-world
    Convenor: Jo Kay
    Associated Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr
    Description: jokay Wollongong (aka Jo Kay) will be available in Second Life for the afternoon session, and welcomes visitors who are interested in exploring the Second Life environment. Participants will be able to tour Jo's virtual edu space in Second Life, and information on various edu projects happening in Second Life will be available.
    How to Join In:
    Participants interested in joining us in-world will need to download and install the Second Life client. Instructions on setting up for Second Life are available here.
    To join the event use the following this Slurl (Second Life URL) which will take you to Jo's virtual home in Second Life.
    Discussion Points:
    What is Second Life?
    How is it being used in the edu sector? - Examples and landmarks for participants to visit!
    Basic Skills in Second LIfe - walking, talking, dressing, searching, navigating
    Digital Literacy skills in virtual worlds
    Possibilities for Australian edu projects in Second Life in 2007.
    8. Event Title : Open Conference Discussion
    Time ( ESB Australia ): 3:30 PM - 4:00PM ( Click here for your time around the world )
    Online Platform : Breeze
    Associated Media : / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr ( + conversation circle provided at BYS )
    Convenor: Leigh Blackall / Simon duBois / Alex Hayes / Bill Wade
    Description : An open discussion regarding days findings, issues, relative progress and where to from here !
    9. Wrap Up : Regan Harding + Crew
    Associated Media : / Breeze / Blip.TV / TalkingVTE / Flickr
    Please add your name, your mobile phone number and email address in the format below
    Adrian Bruce - hey_ad (at)
    Bill Wade - zerotwosixsixeigthfivefivesixfivetwo - wcwade05 (at)
    Simon Dubois - zerotwosixsixeightfivesevenzerozerozero - links ( at )
    Alex Hayes - zerofourtwosevennineninesixnineeightfour - Alexander.Hayes (at)
    Regan Harding - zerofourfoureighteightsixonethreeoneseven - Regan.Harding ( at)
    Stephan Ridgway - Stephan.Ridgway ( at )
    Leonard Low - zerofouronethreethreeeightsixsixeightfour - leonard.low [at]
    Marg O'Connell - zerofourzerotwosixseventwoeighteightnine - margoconnell (at)
    Vivian Evans - zerofourtwoninefourtwofoourthreethreefour - vivevans [at] [online]
    Steven Parker - zerofourtwotwoninezerotwoeightonetwo - sparkered [at]
    Gary Lienert - gary dot lienert at pilbaratafe dot wa dot edu dot au
    Aubrey Thompson - zerotwosixsixfivefourthreetwoeighttwo - aubrey.thompson (at)
    Paulis Cheung - zerotwoninetwoonesevenfourtwonineseven - paulis.cheung (at)
    Jo Kay - zerofourzerofiveonesevenninesixtwotwo - joannamkay ( at )
    Anne Paterson - zerofouronezerofoursixtwofourfourzero - anne.paterson ( at )
    Jennifer Phillips - zerofouroneninetwotwoeightsixsevenone - jennifer.phillips (at)
    ernie tubaro - zerofouronetwozeroonefourfoureightone - ernie.tubaro (at)
    Steve Waye - zerofourzerothreenineninethreeoneninefour - steve.waye (at)
    Kathy Gerwald zerofourtwothreeoneeightfivefiveninefive - kathryn.gerwald (at)
    Linda Woodrow - ctckyogl (at)
    Kath Jones - zerofourzerofoursixeightzerosevensixzero -
    Layla Kemp - layla.kemp (at)
    Korelle Hartley - korelleh (at)
    Maea Martin - maea (at)
    Colleen Kennedy - admin (at)
    Di Mahoney - yes (at)
    minh mcCloy - zerofourtwoeighteight fivethreefivethreetwo - mizminh( at )
    Carole McCulloch - zerofouronefourfivethreetwoseveneightfive - carole60 (at)
    Jo Fuller-zerofouronezerosixthreefiveninefiveseven joanne.fuller (at)
    Padmini Sampathkumar - zerofouronesixzeroninezeronineonefive padmini.sampathkumar (at)
    Barbara Dieu - beeonline (at)
    Georgina Nou georgina.nou (at)
    Jo Murray - jomurray(at)
    Katharina Gerste- zerofourthreeninefivezeroninefourthreeeight - kgerste (at)
    Melanie Brenton - zerofouroneeightsevensevenzerooneonezero - melb (at)
    Sally Morris - zerofourthreeeightonefourtwozerofournine - projects (at)
    Janelle Reece - zerofouronefoursevenzerofiveoneeightzero - janelle.reece (at)
    Dave Heggie - zerofourzerotwofivethreethreeseveneightzero - dave (at)
    Amy Wilson - amy.wilson ( at )
    Di Dell - zerofourzerotwoninezerotwofivesixnine - (at)
    Dilys Norrish - zerofourtwothreefivezerothreesevenfourzero - dilys.norrish (at)
    Paula E Williams - zerofourzerozerozerooneseveneightfiveone - paula.e.williams (at)
    Cathy Ryan - zerofourzerothreeonesevenoneeightsixsix - catherine.ryan (at)
    Janine Cappellazzo - janine.cappellazzo (at)
    Marica Ševelj - marica.sevelj (at)
    Carmen Vallis - carmen.vallis (at)
    Alison Rochford - arochford (at)
    Lindy Kemp - lindy.kemp (at)
    Val Evans - zerofourzerofourfourseveneighttwozeroeight - valevans (at)
    Larraine Larri - zerofouronefourfiveoneeightoneeightsix - jhitchen (at)
    Paula Johnston - paula.johnston ( at )
    Kerry Grace - zerofourzeroninetwoeightsevenzerosixfive kerry.grace (at)
    Janelle Hollis - mob: 0400 150034
    Bronwyn McCallum - bronwyn.mccallum (at)
    Beth Evans - zerofouronesixzerothreeseventwozerosix - bevans64 (at)

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