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Toolbox Implementation in Health & Community Services
Project Manager: Lesley Afflick –
Facilitator: Francine Winn -

Sponsoring RTO: Hamilton TAFE, Hunter Institute

Target client groups: Youth; skills shortage

Project summary:
This project will develop staff capability across the Faculty of Health & Community Services in the use of the Framework Toolboxes, in the implementation of recently endorsed and revised training packages.
The use of the toolboxes will increase:
· Capability of teaching staff
· Skills of students in online learning
· Skills and understanding of online teaching and learning for staff
· Interest of students by introducing another delivery resource
· Diversity of the delivery methods and resources in each of the sections involved
Flexibility of delivery to suit the learning needs of the individual students

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Postcard from the Field due date: week starting 7 August

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Team Discussion [[message/list/003| Follow this link to view students engaged in on-line learning activities----FURTHER DETAILS:Background to the project:In 2003 the Faculty was involved in a Reframing the Future project to develop alternative delivery modes. The Faculty has continued to increase these modes of delivery are now increasing and consolidating the area of online delivery and usage of online resources.The introduction of the Toolboxes will add another dimension to the study modes of students, enhance the blended learning capacity and allow the integration of activities from the Toolboxes for a more realistic learning experience.Increased skills of teachers will allow the Faculty to be more responsive to the needs of industry by providing relevant, interesting material for the students to learn in a creative environment.Each of the client groups involved are currently involved in the early stages of computer use in industry. Use of Toolboxes will allow a smoother transition in the uptake of technology and have a positive effect within the relevant industries.Proposed project outcomes:Development of :·. Skills and understanding of the relevant Toolboxes· Skills and knowledge to customise Toolboxes· Skills and knowledge to integrate activities into relevant NSW curriculum· Concepts and skills of online learning· Facilitation skillsBenefits to client group:The expected impact on the target client groups is to be twofold. Firstly one of increased skills for both the teachers and the students and an increased capability in the use of the Toolboxes. These new skills will allow all participants to be more confident in the use of other technology programs within the relevant industries.Both groups will be engaging in online learning, for some this will be the first time, for others it may be the first time in relation to their career choice.We have computer learning facilities in the Hair & Beauty sections, the use of Toolboxes will also be available on disc for those who do not have internet access but have use of a computer at home.The use of a variety of delivery modes is in use in each of the sections involved and this project will increase the variety of resources in use.Teachers will be involved in team days, staff development activities and part of project sharepoint site for collaboration throughout the process.Students will be involved by feedback surveys on the process and employers within industry will also be interviewed in regard to the outcomes for the students.Evaluation strategies:Newsletters are currently sent to the relevant industry areas, in these newsletters we will be mentioning the new resources and updating on the training process.Employers will be interviewed/surveyed along with the students and staff to gain a broad perspective of the new resources and activities which have been developed with the use of the toolboxes. The outcomes in the use of the new delivery mode/resource will be assessed by the staff against the outcomes previously achieved prior to use of the toolboxes. These outcomes being scores, retention rate and motivation of students involved in the process.We are capturing our learning via:The method used for capturing learning is one of first determining what skills the students and teachers have prior to using the new technology and comparing the newly acquired skills of the participants – teachers and students - at the completion of the project.Each of the project participants will be completing a reflection diary as they move through the learning process, including both the positive and any difficult situations they may encounter in the learning process. Some of this information could be used for quotes of participants to accentuate certain outcomes/situations which may have occurred through the life of the project.The use of the sharepoint site will allow participant postings and minutes of meetings to be used for the capture of data which can be used for the reporting of outcomes. Participating in the EdNA group will also assist the information sharing and capture of ideas from other groups which could also assist in this project.Guidelines will be developed for the recommended use of the programs; these guides will be live documents, with information being added as further activities are developed.Towards the completion of the project an evaluation document will be completed by all stakeholders involved – teachers, students, employers, Regional Information Technology Unit to gather data on the process and the learning outcomes.We hope to share our learning via:Collaboration will occur by active participation in:· The NSW Learnscope EdNA Group· NSW Learnscope Network Groups· Learnscope Team from Northern Sydney Institute – Meadowbank Campus who are working on Online Resources· Contact with previous teams involved in Toolboxes relevant to our Faculty· Industry discussions relevant to those involved in the project so that the outcomes are relevant to the needs of industryWe’ll connect with others via:·Face to face meetings at each section with peers throughout the project· Presentations & workshops with Institute staff at strategy meetings and Head Teacher Team day· Posting of results to Knowledge Sharing Framework for other staff to access· Sharing of information with Curriculum Centre· Sharing of information with North Sydney Institute – Meadowbank Campus project team· Posting of resources on e-resources framework.Proposed project products/outputs:At this time it is anticipated that we will submit a Portfolio of developed items – guidelines, activities and reflectionsHowever this may evolve into another form of presentation when the team meets on the initial workshop day and as we work through the project, depending upon the skill levels of participants and of the learning which takes place during the project=My Web Office Toolkit=----ONLINE - INTERNET / WEB1.0 CommunicatingAudio / Rendering / Podcasting Tools - WebSpringdoo - Audio and video emails
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