Local Champions

Manager/ Facilitator:

Debbie Littlehales – debbie.littlehales [at] kcc.nsw.edu.au
Ruth Walker – kiamace [at] ozemail.com.au

Sponsoring RTO: Kiama Community College

Target client groups: community; learners in the workplace

Project summary:
The aim of this project is to train a group of ACE VTE practitioners to develop their skills as
Synchronous learning facilitators, to enable them to utilize Virtual Classrooms to deliver training, participate in validation, and participate in meetings.
The group will also be learning to trouble shoot technical issues with Virtual Classrooms, and acting as Local experts to promote the use of the virtual Classroom and disseminate skills to others in their geographical Cluster.

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Postcard from the Field

Proposed LearnScope visit/s: ¦ 21st Sep.¦

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Background to the project:
Last year the Board of Adult and Community Education funded a program to develop a formal network for VTE trainers and assessors using face to Face synchronous and asynchronous netowrks. While the project was successful, feedback indicated that more centres would be happy to participate in the online (Synchronous and Asynchronous) networks if they had someone who could support them through the initial set up stages. This network will be continuing in 2006, with a greater emphasis placed on VTE and ELLN online validation projects and professional development to achieve AQTF compliance. Our aim is that the “Local Champions” will ultimately be able to learning the skills and confidence to provide training and mentorship to other professionals in the network.

Proposed project outcomes:
§ Train one local contact per cluster in the effective use of synchronous learning platform
§ Provide a cost effective means of delivering PD and training for rural and remote ACE Centers
§ Develop a functional network of VTE and ELLN managers

Benefits to client group:
This project will provide valuable new skills for all the participants. They will learn the valuable skills of teaching and learning online in the synchronous environment, which will create many new opportunities in delivering training and participating in professional development.
All the training in this project will take place in the Virtual Classroom, Discover E, with some experience also with the program ”Elluminate”. In additional to our scheduled meetings our project participants will also be involved in the network conferences through out the year, hence expanding their sphere of experience, and network contacts.
The other side of the participants experience will be the opportunity to mentor others in their geographical cluster on the effective usage of the Synchronous environment. We believe that as more ACE colleges learn and understand the benefits of the effective use of the Synchronous environment, , greater business opportunities and better ways of delivering quality training will emerge

Evaluation strategies:
Our project will be very client focused and will start with a pre project screening of existing participant experience. As we will be working closely with a representative for each cluster, we expect the individuals to report regularly to their cluster, and project team on their new learning, and how they see benefits of Synchronous training. Because the Project is linked to the VTE Quality network, all team members will be expected to report and support the network. We will evaluate our team members based on their reporting and mentoring, and participation in the network

We are capturing our learning via:
Our project will involve pre and post questionnaire to evaluate the level of current participant knowledge as well as to define new knowledge gained during the project.
Most of our training will be located in the Virtual Classroom discover E and some of our learning documents will be stored in the discover E library, other documents / PowerPoint presentations and links will be stored in our EDNA group.
WE will be trying to record some of our discussions using Audacity for sharing.
A major objective for our project is to share and disseminate the learning to others in the cluster, so the capture of learning is vital not only for LearnScope reporting, but to share the learning around our sector. Hence the development of model
Anecdotes and quotes from team members
Development of model documents and our validation guides
Use of EdNA Groups for the VTE quality network
Input to E learning network groups

We hope to share our learning :
One of the great challenges that face the ACE sector is lack of Networking opportunities out side the sector. Our project will seek networking opportunities through:
· Participation in E- learning networks mini conferences – June / September /November
· Participation in the Learning Community Australia group
· Participation in In Sync learn to learn online program to have an opportunity to network internationally

We’ll connect with others via:
The sharing and dissemination is core to the success of this project. Our team members have been selected on their strengths as leaders in their respective “clusters”, and understand that as well as their own learning, they are responsible to sharing their learning to other accredited (VTE and ELLN) trainers and managers in their cluster, through their cluster networks.
Our project will be launched at the CCNSW conference, and promoted through the VTE quality network, all documents will be stored on the VTE Quality network EDNA group site which is available not only to our Local Champions, but to all ACE VTE Staff.
Of the 36 RTO’s in the ACE sector, 31 have somehow engaged in the VTE Quality network, and can look forward to the support of the Local Champions as they develop their learning and confidence

Proposed project products/outputs:
Our project will be reported through:
1.The creation of a Project portfolio documenting the learning journey of the Local Champions and success stories in Clusters
2.The development and implementation of an NSW VTE Online validation guide to enable all ACE colleges to complete PD and compliance sharing through Synchronous learning environment