Introduction to E-Learning and Skills Development for RTOs and Industry

Manager: Adrian Rawlings – arawlings [at]
Facilitator: Ann Morris

Sponsoring RTO: Aurora Training & Professional Services Pty Ltd

Target client groups: learners in the workplace

Project summary:
Aurora is a private RTO whose primary learner target groups are work-based learners. These learners often face access issues to learning due to workload, location (eg inter-state and intra-state), shift rosters.
Our aim is to develop an understanding of how tool boxes and other e-learning options can provide our learners with alternatives to paper-based learning materials and classroom based learning. This will allow Aurora to be more competitive in the market place and to be more responsive to learner requirements.

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Postcard from the Field due date: week staring 9 October

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Background to the project:
Aurora has identified its lack of e-learning options to be a barrier to ongoing competitiveness and flexibility to learners in the organisation’s business plan. It was decided that Aurora needs to develop internal capability in the use of e-learning tool boxes and other potential e-learning options for the Business Services Training Package (especially Frontline Management) and the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAA40104.
Aurora has conducted some initial research into some e-learning options and has identified the tool boxes for the above qualifications and Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint as likely entry points into e-learning considering the size and scope of the organisation.
Aurora has also identified two clients where e-learning solutions will meet specific organisational and industry challenges. Aurora already has existing working relationships with both these organisations and has identified an opportunity for the three organisations to engage in active learning through the exploration of Toolboxes and that of e-learning options.

Proposed project outcomes:
We aim to achieve the following:
· Increased capability with Training and Assessment and Frontline Management Toolboxes.
· Identify and trial aspects of Toolboxes with learner groups in two industry contexts and one classroom context.
· To compliment our existing learning materials to include PowerPoint with voice over using Microsoft Producer.
· To revise our business plan in relation to e-learning once toolbox capabilities have been increased.
Ø To further link with our industry partners - tailor e-learning delivery which integrates employability and ICT skills for targeted learner groups, and ensures consistency of training, delivery and assessment across Sydney Institute

Benefits to client group:
By having the capability to utilise Toolboxes Aurora will be able to better meet the organisational needs of its clients and provide more flexible learning solutions to the individual. E-learning will minimise the time required for individuals to be removed from the workplace and/or to coordinate complex rosters for training release.
This is specifically relevant for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment where clients are seeking to undertake flexible e-leaning options for gap training post-Recognition.
E-learning will also allow Aurora to offer a wider range of alternative learning pathways within a qualification. This is ideal for both the Certificate IV in Business (Frontline) and the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment where there is a core component but then due to job function individuals are required to undertake different elective units. The e-learning Toolboxes and other potential e-learning options will allow Aurora to provide this level of customisation in a cost effective manner to the client organisation.
Both Pacific National and TESA Group have learner groups already in place where e-learning solutions and flexible learning tool boxes can be implemented. Through this joint implementation there is an opportunity for the three organisations to learn about e-learning options.
The project includes participant team members who will trial and evaluate e-learning options.
Evaluation strategies:
Aurora, Pacific National and TESA Group are also including a selected learner group to participate in the trial implementation of the Toolboxes. As the trial student groups are also part of the project team their immediate feedback will be gathered by task group leaders, team meeting and specific feedback surveys and interviews. This is further supported by the learning managers of each organisation being involved in the content development, implementation and review processes.
Project team will develop pre and post survey tools for participants to capture the usefulness and friendliness of the learning materials and products.

We are capturing our learning via:
Pre-project and post-project questionnaires
Reflection times at team meetings
Meeting Minutes and brainstorms
Email and online meeting discussion logs/recordings
Participant case studies
Evaluation forms
Video interviews pre and post project
Learning Styles Questionnaires

We hope to share our learning :
§ blog
§ email
§ telephone
§ team meetings
§ Toolbox workshop
§ Organisation newsletters NIB Health Funds, Pacific National, TESA Group
§ Aurora’s web site

We’ll connect with others via:
Reports to in house meetings, staff meetings, Managers etc
Conference or workshop presentations – LearnScope Showcase
Ongoing involvement in national network groups
Involvement in industry – Industry involvement includes Pacific National, NIB Health Funds, TESA Group

Proposed project products/outputs:
Producer PowerPoint Presentation for Showcase
Excerpts from pre and post video interviews for Showcase
New TAA and FLM resources
Aurora’s website
Project presentation to the participating industry partners management