Hair & Beauty

Manager: Tania Cannon – tania.cannon [at]
Facilitator: Nicki Schell – nicki.schell [at]
Danielle Tedesco – Danielle.tedesco [at]

Sponsoring RTO: Northern Beaches TAFE – Nth Sydney Institute

Target client groups: youth; skills shortage; learners in the workplace

Project summary:
This project aims to up skill teachers in Hair & Beauty at Northern Sydney Institute (Meadowbank and North Sydney Colleges) to utilise eLearning resources in the delivery of classes to their students.

This project will provide teaching staff with the skills in technology based learning before resources (currently being developed by the curriculum center) become available, thus ensuring rapid and appropriate uptake and implementation.

It will involve Hair & Beauty teachers in a coherent sequence of learning experiences in their daily work, that incorporates a range of developmental strategies and work-based experiences.

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Background to the project:
Today’s Hairdressers and Beauty therapists operate in an industry that is trying to keep abreast of new technologies and information systems. Current employers, students and potential students are demanding more diverse forms of delivery that are flexible and cost effective.
Hair & Beauty training in TAFE is currently delivered via traditional methods. Flexible delivery modes are only offered on campus. The teachers of Hair & Beauty recognize the need to increase their skills in flexible delivery to meet our customers’ needs – industry, employers and students. The students learning experiences at TAFE need to keep pace with the technological advances that will allow them to become life-long learners.
Our delivery modes are limited. We would like to develop teacher’s skills and resources to be able to offer a wider variety of delivery options to our clients/students. The team is aiming to build an online delivery environment for Hair & Beauty which will include a variety of delivery modes built around a collaborative learning approach.

Proposed project outcomes:
Specifically the project will:
§ Assess the level of understanding and skills in computing and e-learning.
§ Enhance the skill sets of Hairdressing and Beauty teachers in basic computing and online delivery skills.
§ Increase understanding of the use of appropriate e- learning strategies for delivery.
§ Investigate online learning resources available (Australian Flexible Learning Toolboxes and TAFE Online resources) in the Hairdressing and Beauty industry and assess these in relation to their application and relevance to Hairdressing and Beauty courses.
§ Share the learning and mentor colleagues in other areas to demystify e-learning.

Benefits to client group:
This project will enhance opportunities for flexible delivery of course content for the key target client groups. An increase in completion rates will be expected by delivering course content more flexibly. Currently clients are disadvantaged by having to attend classes for subjects that can be suitable delivered online.
New resources currently being developed by the curriculum center will also provide more flexibility for clients and teachers will be able to provide them the support required to use these resources because of the training received on this project.
The development of basic IT skills amongst teaching staff will ensure that teachers can also use a range of online communication strategies (email, message forums, etc) that are familiar to, and engage the clients
The use of the Janison learning management system (LMS) for teaching and learning will ensure that clients can access learning objects, and submit assessable work, more flexibly, and that the evidence of client participation is gathered and stored in an appropriate repository
Importantly, the skills that the client group will gain through this project will also allow them to better deal with other emerging technologies, not just within their industry, but with everyday learning.

Evaluation strategies:
Evaluation of the project impact on hair and beauty clients will involve:
· Gaining client feedback about the implementation/content and delivery of online course materials
· Gaining client feedback on the increased confidence of teachers when using technology based learning in the classroom.
· Measuring whether completion rates improve with the client group after new flexible modes of delivery are implemented

We are capturing our learning via:
· Skills audit given at the commencement of the project and at the conclusion
· Reports from individual learning diaries that include description of various learning activities, insights and reflection into what was gained
· Completion of evaluation forms after each training workshop
· Team digital stories
· Minutes from meetings

We hope to share our learning :
The strategies for collaboration are designed to enhance the learning experience of the team participants and are concerned with forging of partnerships between participants and other relevant stakeholders that may assist in the development of a community of practice that supports the participants after the completion of the project.
The following outlines the organisations with which the team may collaborate with during the project.
· Contact with the Hunter Institute Hair & Beauty section for comparison and support.
· Sydney Institute Beauty, South Western Institute Hair as both have undertaken similar LearnScope projects.
· Other LearnScope project teams within NSI.
· Other LearnScope that have a focus on e-learning in traditional trades
Other projects of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework

We’ll connect with others via:
The strategies for promotion of the project’s progress and final achievements include:
· Promotion of the team Sharepoint and BLOG sites
· Liaising with other colleges within Northern Sydney Institute across the business line during business line meetings.
· Publishing reports on the NSI Good News web site
· Presentations by project team members at senior staff meetings, section meetings and other Institute meetings
· Presentation of project activities and outcomes at the LearnScope showcase

Proposed project products/outputs:
The outcomes of this project will be reported in the following ways:
· Each team member shall maintain a learning journal (using a BLOG) that records and reflects on the learning activities undertaken
· At each team meeting individuals shall provide oral or written reports that share aspects of their learning journey
· A post card will be created by the team to send back to LearnScope midway through the project
· Individual reports and BLOG postings will be amalgamated to form a group report and the group reports will be used when drawing up the final report to LearnScope and internal stakeholders
· Learning evaluation tools will be developed, used and collected to document evidence of the learning and the effectiveness the learning strategies.
· Regular reporting to the Sponsor and LearnScope on the progress of the project will provide opportunities to assess progress and ensure that the project objectives are achieved

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