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Getting into Mobile Learning

Name: Caryl Oliver
Description: We will hear a bit about the mobile learning journey that Caryl has made over the past couple of years; see her vision for a student in the year 2010 and explore the instruction design principles and infrastructure that Caryl is developing to achieve this vision.
Oh yes, we also get to play with some cool toys!
Pre-requisites: An inquiring mind and desire to become increasingly student centred.
What to bring along: Caryl will bring some Pocket PCs loaded with examples of digi-lessons, mobile games and digi-assignments. If you have your own PDA/Pocket PC then bring it with the cable that connects it to your PC - that way you can load some examples on your own unit.

Getting Practical with Web 2.0 tools

Name: Michael Nelson
Email: michael at (just substitute an @ for the 'at')
Description: After integrating Blogs, Wikis and other social tools for a course delivery over the past 2 years, I've made tons of mistakes and discovered a few real gems! Come along, learn from my mistakes and get practical as we go about integrating a few useful Web 2.0 tools into our current practise. We'll see some concrete examples of Web 2.0 tools being used in a current course delivery, as well as have plenty of time to work together to integrate one or two chosen tools into our own practise.
Pre-requisites: If you feel ok setting up an email account (like a hotmail, yahoo or gmail account) then you'll be fine!
What to bring along: Just yourselves!

Connected Social Web Spaces & Places

Name: Alexander Hayes
Email: or Personal Blog: (blogger)

Description: The internet provides access to free applications and services that enable students and teachers to create, distribute and share communication or content. The challenge for educators and teachers is how to map, manage and mesh these creations using web 2.0 technology so that connected learning occurs, complementing traditional courseware.

During this session participants will have the opportunity to collaboratively engage in mobile blogging / blogging activities contributing to an existing blogger template and adding advanced features.

During this session particpants will witness ;
  • who is using these 'new' online spaces and places
  • what ways these social web tools can be used to connect learning
  • where these social web tools are being used in a teaching and learning context
  • why traditional ICT's are now merging with social web provision
  • how to enable others using social web tools in a connected learning environment

Pre-requisites: An email address that is accesible via the internet.
What to bring along: Please bring as many networked or digitally accessible technologies that you are familiar with the use of ie. camera, mp3 recorder, laptop, notepad, mobile phone etc.

* Note Workshop participants will be encouraged to collaboratively build a networked learning environment using tools including a blog, a wiki, social bookmarking tools and mobile blogging. An introductory range of activities will allow anyone to contribute easily and will progress into more complex activities step-by-step.

Second Life: Education in a Massively Multi-Player Virtual World

Jo Kay
Email: or Personal Blog:

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely created and owned by its residents. Since launching in 2003, it has grown rapidly and is currently inhabited by over 300,000 people from around the world, including staff and students from a number of educational institutions. This workshop will provide you with an introduction to virtual worlds, with a focus on the Second Life Platform. We will explore some interesting places and spaces within the world of Second Life, as well as looking at some case studies of educational projects currently happening there. This workshop is hands-on and will provide you with an opportunity to get online and join us in a live virtual tour.
Pre-requisites: Participants should have basic computer skills, including how to install and configure basic software programs and sign-up for an online account. Previous experience in the use of gaming platforms is useful, but not required.

What to bring along:
Participants who wish to join the Second Life tour should bring their own laptop - please note technical requirements below. Internet access will be provided at the venue. Participants are welcome to attend this workshop as observers if they wish.

Technical Requirements for Laptops:
PC Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP (Service Pack 2); 800MHz Pentium III or Athlon, or better; 256MB or better; Video/Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better OR ATI Radeon 8500, 9250, or better. MAC Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or better; 1 GHz G4 or better; 512MB or better; Video/Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better OR ATI Radeon 8500, 9250, or better.

Creating your Personal Learning Environment

Presentation wiki - Creating your Personal Learning Environment

Name: Sean FitzGerald
Email: or Wiki:
Description: Have you ever looked at some blogs and wondered how they've added all that extra content such as link lists, blog rolls, flickr badges, link feeds & tag clouds, frappr maps and RSS feeds in the template?

In this session you will learn how to aggregate content from other web-based services and display it on your blog to create your Personal Learning Environment (PLE). You will first learn the basics of HTML (it's easy, really!) so you can tweak a blog template.

Update: Wikispaces has recently added the capacity to embed media into their pages, so we will also take a look at how you can add content from other web-based services to a wiki, and turn that into your Personal Learning Environment.

Pre-requisites: Basic computer skills and Internet skills. A basic understanding of RSS will be helpful. You will need a blog. I will be using Blogger to demonstrate, but if you are already using blogging software with an editable template that will do. Some experience with blogging will be useful, but not required.

What to bring along: Account and login details for your blog and any web-based services you use such as, flickr, Bloglines, frappr, online calendars etc.

Beyond Text

Name: Michael CoghlanEmail:
Come for a walk through a range of voice technologies – Skype, voice boards, creating and editing sound files, audioblogging, and podcasting. This session will make use of the following :
Pre-requisites: Basic computer skills and a willing voice
What to bring along: a pc with a working sound card, and Audacity , Skype, and iTunes installed; a mobile phone ; headset for recording and listening to audio files

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